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Colop Rubber Stamps – PO55


Personalise a self-inking stamp for all your personal and business needs.

Our high quality stamps are capable of providing hundreds of impressions without the need to refill.



Number of Lines: 6

Fonts for ready designs: Sans Serif, Helvetica, Arial, Open Sans. With a minimum font size of 7pt


Please read the Product Description below for further information.

Choose to upload your design or create your design on our online designer.

Product Description

Personalise your rubber stamps with a logo, your business detail, your signature or personal text. Our COLOP branded self-inking stamps are useful for all your personal and business needs. It will save you time on handwriting repetitive text and provides a clean and professional image. The number of impressions done without the need to refill depends on the stamp impression. Spare pads are available in various colours. Stamps come with a standard Black ink pad, but one can choose to change the ink pad colour. To create a clear and sharp stamp the artwork should be pure black and white. Avoid grey or light coloured shaded areas. If you wish to create your own design from start, please include a minimum 3mm safe margin around the border of the impression. This ensures that no important text or graphic is cropped from the design. In case of difficulty to upload the design, kindly email